Stacy Hill: Highlighted Augusta Hair Stylist

Stacy Hill with DyeVerCity Hair Salon

Stacy A. Hill

Stacy graduated from Augusta Technical College in 1997 with a Cosmetology diploma.  Her cosmetology career started in June 2006 while briefly working for Hair Cuttery as a stylist.  While at Hair Cuttery, she learned basic cutting and styling techniques.  Hair Cuttery was primarily a Redken salon, and she gained an enormous amount of product knowledge.  In 2007 she ventured out on her own as a sole proprietor, having a vision of building a business that would service all people of diverse ethnicities and hair textures.  Determined to bring that vision to fruition, she began to heavily market by advertising with NaturallyCurly.Com and  She also organized photo shoots and posted the portfolios on Facebook, Myspace and Google Places.  Finally, in November 2008, she built a website to feature her work.  The advertising soon proved to be very fruitful. Her clientele base began increasing at an alarming rate. Due to the rapid growth, it soon became necessary to employ administrative help. During this time period, the community affectionately nicknamed her “the curly woman.”

As her business continued to grow, she had no choice other than to expand independently. Through much praying, she was strongly urged to open a salon and name it DyeVerCityDyeVerCity (pronounced diversity) was so befitting because her vision was to operate a salon that would break down every boundary, servicing every race and nationality.  In June 2010, DyeVerCity became a living reality.  Her salon continues to gain the respect of not only those who reside locally, but Stacy has gained recognition in other cities and states. Many clients faithfully travel from Atlanta, Georgia; Alabama; South Carolina, and other varying cities.

Stacy’s love and passion for her art is clearly seen. She is an avid student of her trade and is very knowledgeable. Demanding no less of her staff, she personally trains and educates her stylists as well as her administrative staff. She feels that everyone in the salon should be equipped to intelligibly respond to the clients. Stacy is committed to staying abreast of the latest techniques and product lines. She insists on offering quality products to her clients—products that will not only give them the look that they desire, but will also promote and maintain the overall integrity of the hair. To that end, she spends a great deal of time researching products, identifying the ingredients that will accomplish that goal.

DyeVerCity salon carries a variety of products such as Mixed Chicks, L’anza, Alterna, Design Essentials, Darcy’s Botanicals and more, making them one of the largest suppliers of natural hair products in the immediate area. The products that she carries make it possible for her to service the many varying needs of a diverse clientele. And to service those clients requesting color, DyeVerCity salon uses Goldwell and Joico color lines.  Stacy loves enhancing people’s natural beauty and personality by using proper coloring and shading techniques and the right cut to accentuate it all.

On February 16, 2011, she was named Curl Stylist Expert of the region by  She also had the opportunity to participate in FroFashion Week on February 19, 2011.  She has an innate ability to lead people to new ideas and visions that surpass how the current hair world is defined.  She plans to rid the inaccurate stereotypes of what constitutes beautiful hair and knock down barriers that divide based on hair texture and length. Her goal is to teach people that all hair is beautiful as long as it is properly taken care of and healthy.

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  1. This is absolutely awesome! It’s so refreshing to see a stylist whose embracing of the beautiful variation of hair textures and types!

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