Our History

The Cutno Artist Group, dba the Magnolia Dance Theatre, was formed in 2004.  Magnolia Dance Theatre (MDT) brings unique multicultural, multidisciplinary performances to the CSRA annually, operates a training and performance company which prepare dancers for a university or conservancy setting and works with local schools and senior centers to provide instructional “in-reach programs” for citizens who might not otherwise have an opportunity to learn dance.

Our Mission

Magnolia Dance Theatre’s mission is to offer an artistic experience that increases appreciation of the arts among all people.  MDT plays a social role by using the beauty of history of the American South to create an artistic awareness which encourages enlightened relationships between people of diverse backgrounds.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a unique multicultural coalition of community leaders, civic institutions, and arts organizations committed to building a community where the arts are accessible and inviting to all citizens. Through programming and partnership MDT will present diverse art forms and experiences that: Encourage excellence in dance, increase opportunities for all people to experience dance and the arts; exposing dance as an art form to audiences of varying socio-economic backgrounds, and provide an awareness and appreciation of diversity through representative works.


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